About Us

Sustainable Plastic Solutions For An Organized Daily Life.

We combine experience and innovation to create durable and aesthetic plastic solutions, enriching your daily life and simplifying your spaces.

History Of GSC

The GSC acronym derives from Great Solutions Company. It’s a name that promises a lot, and we certainly deliver.

We are proud of our reputation as an injection moulding innovator that provides outstanding-quality private and branded solutions at the best possible price.

Over 1,000,000 ft2 of manufacturing and warehousing in North America alone means we can provide a range of impressive solutions, including products made from recycled plastic.

“What makes GSC Technologies Inc special are a few key elements of its DNA: first, the people that work here are great teammates, values based and like to push themselves to do better each day; second, our focus on innovation. Whether its seeking out a new product solution through consumer testing, or helping the planet through sustainable methods, or solving a short term problem as a team, GSC is always innovating. It’s a part of our 40 year history and gets better every year; lastly, I think it’s the value we can offer our customers and consumers. We are very conscious of containing costs and, at the same time, producing the best quality products and solutions in the category. These are the elements that make GSC Technologies a special place to work or with whom to do business. "

David Barrow

President and Chef Executive Officer

About Us

Environmentally aware plastic solutions for organizing daily life today and in the future.

Through experience and innovation, we create durable, aesthetically pleasing plastic solutions that simplify spaces to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Our origins may be humble, but our ambition is limitless.

Founded in 1982 with a single plastic moulding machine, GSC Technologies Inc. is a leading and groundbreaking manufacturer of plastic goods in North America.

Based in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec/Canada), GSC designs and manufactures attractive, practical storage and organization lifestyle products for better modern living.

With manufacturing plants that use contemporary equipment and technology and distribution facilities in the US, Canada, and China, GSC uses global testing and quality standards to ensure the best value, highest quality products.

Ours is a company founded on experience, quality design, superior service, and exceptional speed to market. Nobody does it better.

Our PROMISE? To provide the best service, best products, and best value to our business clients and their customers

Our Values

We consider these values crucial when working with our partners and clients.

  • Trust

    Trust is founded on integrity and being transparent. We look to share our trust openly and are committed to creating, building, maintaining, and, when necessary, restoring it.

  • Ownership

    We’re the owners of this business and its culture. We work to optimize its talent, performance, and value continuously. Business excellence is the whole team’s responsibility and goal.

  • Freedom

    Our founding entrepreneurs were free to react quickly to opportunities to do what’s right for the business and its customers. We are committed to maintaining that agility and freedom by avoiding too much bureaucracy and red tape.

  • Efficiency

    As a tight-knit group, we’re careful and efficient with our time and resources. We achieve maximum results by optimizing our efforts and working as a team.

  • Accountability

    We say what we will do and then do what we say! We share responsibility for our business and its culture, with each of us delivering on our part of the business. We are dedicated and accountable to each other and aim to succeed as a team.

  • Respect

    We hold our clients in high regard and look to inspire the same in return. We won’t always agree to everything, but we’ll always be ready to discuss issues respectfully and seek an equitable outcome for all stakeholders.

Our Four Key Strategies

  • By being an employer of choice, we want to ensure that GSC has the best employees.

  • We retain our existing partners and clients by making outstanding products and impressing them with our latest innovations. We attract new partners and clients by showcasing our striking product lines, exciting ideas, and proven track record. We expand by using responsible business practices, growing the company conscientiously to ensure it stays healthy over the long term.

  • We’re always seeking better, more innovative ways to satisfy our customers and shareholders. We stay ahead of the pack through fresh thinking and being proactive regarding materials, products, and


  • We look to maximize our potential through astute decision-making.

Our Brands

The GSC Technologies Inc. line-up consists of over 100 products across three brands: Enduro™, Organize-It!™ and Ramtuff™.


The ultimate storage solution for people who want to get their work lives organized
Ramtuff is the epitome of strength and practicality.

It’s the perfect solution for organizing, transporting, and storing stuff.
Whether you’re a seasoned tradesman, into hunting and fishing, renos, or a devoted hobbyist, Ramtuff’s got you covered with thoughtfully designed products, many of which are made from recycled materials. These products are easy to carry and built to withstand the toughest environments, ensuring that your gear is always safely stowed and secure.

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Organize-It! designs and builds thoughtfully designed storage solutions that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing.
With bins in all shapes and sizes, trays and dividers, we have everything you need to help you put everything in the right place.

But Organize-It! solutions aren’t just another way to store your precious belongings. They also help you manage and locate them with an innovative inventory and tracking system that lets you know where everything is at all times, so you can breathe easy and focus on the more important things in life.

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Need folding tables or chairs? The Enduro product line is the right choice!

Enduro furniture is durable, reliable, and weatherproof, ideal for home use, camping, and tailgate parties.

Contractors and DIYers love our products, often used at large indoor and outdoor events such as trade shows and fairs.

We are quality-oriented and renowned for our innovation. Since 2000, we’ve been dedicated to helping people who need quick and easy setups and takedowns.

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